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Types of COVID-19 Tests

Since 2020, testing for the presence of COVID-19 in your system has not only become more commonplace and reliable, but testing has also become more varied, creating more opportunities for the public to access testing. However, with more options available on the market comes more opportunities for confusion about the different types of COVID-19 tests. Here’s the Ultsafety quick guide on types of COVID-19 tests:



Most people have heard of, experienced, or seen images of the nasal swab testing method. The implement used looks like a long cotton swab or Q-tip, which is inserted about two inches deep into the patient’s nostril and then swirled or scraped for a few seconds. Many rapid tests that are available to consumers at home or in professional settings are nasal swab versions. While they can be uncomfortable, they are not painful and are relatively easy to obtain



aliva tests for COVID-19 do not require swabs, but instead, saliva is either dropped or placed into testing fluid to get results. Many of these tests are self-administered, even when they are collected at a testing site. This is to protect the testing personnel from potential infections of COVID-19 and ensure a clean and sanitary testing site.



Antigen tests are designed to produce results more quickly than other types of tests and do so by identifying specific proteins on the surface of the virus itself. These tests are used to identify if the patient being tested currently has COVID-19, and while they are reliable, they are not as sensitive as molecular tests.



Antibody tests, on the other hand, are designed to identify if the patient has antibodies that fight the COVID-19 virus in their blood, and will provide results if the patient has previously been infected or has been vaccinated against infections. This type of test is used to learn whether a patient has previously been infected with COVID-19 or if they’ve had a vaccination, but it cannot tell if the patient currently has COVID-19.

Learn more about COVID-19 testing and learn more about Ultsafety’s testing and app combination today!

Learn more about COVID-19 testing and learn more about Ultsafety’s testing and app combination today!