Why Choose an At-Home COVID Test

If you're feeling under-the-weather and suspect you may have COVID-19, it’s essential to take a test to find out for sure. There are a number of different testing options: you can go to your local pharmacy, visit a walk-in clinic, or you can purchase an at-home rapid COVID test. In today’s blog post from ULTSafety, we are going to discuss four benefits of choosing an at-home COVID test. Read on to learn more.



First and foremost, at-home COVID tests are convenient. When you aren’t feeling well, the last thing you want to do is get dressed and go out to a pharmacy or clinic to get tested. At-home COVID tests allow you to test yourself in the comfort of your own home rather than waiting in long lines or sitting in a waiting area as you wait for your name to be called.



At-home COVID tests are accurate. In fact, according to the FDA, at-home COVID tests can detect the virus approximately 80 percent of the time when someone is infected with COVID-19. Additionally, they state that when you perform an at-home test and get a positive result, the results are typically accurate.


Stop the Spread

Choosing an at-home COVID test also allows you to isolate yourself to make sure you are not spreading the virus to others at the pharmacy or clinic. Whether you choose to keep a few rapid COVID tests in the medicine cabinet just in case or you utilize a local no-contact delivery service to have one delivered to your doorstep, choosing an at-home COVID test can help to keep other people from getting sick if you do have COVID-19.


Instant Results

Another big benefit of an at-home rapid COVID test is that you get instant results. At-home COVID tests typically take only a couple of minutes altogether to both take the test and for the result to populate, allowing you to know instantly if you are infected with COVID-19 or if you’re likely sick with a different virus.

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